003 So what is this blog about?

Maybe I should give this blog some structure. Maybe I should try to teach people something specific. After all – that’s what I wanted, right? To be a teacher. To be a life coach. Maybe I should create a structured piece of content, and give it a catchy title, and find a way to promote it on social media. That’s what people are doing, right? That doesn’t feel like me. It never has. Maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking about a blog for 10 years and I didn’t actually start one until today. It just didn’t feel right. But today is feels right. Awkward, certainly, but like the right kind of awkward. The ‘awkward’ that is necessary. The little bit of fear that makes us do great things.

I keep thinking about Gary Vee: Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve been watching a lot of his content lately, and he keeps talking about how to create a personal brand for yourself. Well, he keeps talking about so many people trying to create a perfect thing, but they approach everything wrong. Jesus, the point here is that he says two things that just popped into my head: (1) don’t create content; just document what you’re doing. Document your journey. I can’t help but realize that that’s exactly what my problem was, and I just solved the problem of getting started by posting some crap that’s not real content– it’s just documentingmy thoughts. I didn’t really “get it” until now. That’s what he meant. The other thing he says often is (2) post 100 pieces of content per day. A hundred. A hundred. To me, that sounded crazy. The last time I posted any content on any social media was… maybe 6 months ago? And I post about one thing per month maximum. Now I’m writing my third piece of content in about 10 minutes. I wonder how many I can write today? A hundred seems crazy, but then again, a lot of things seem crazy.

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