004 Some of my influences

Honestly, this post could be about a thousand – no a million – lines long. At one point in the past, I decided to start writing down all the books and podcasts and youtube videos and lectures and courses and everything that I’ve read or watched or attended. After the list grows to about 20 things, I lose track of it and abandon the habit, and maybe some months or years later I start a new list with the same fate. Maybe this blog is a good way to finally start being organized? Ha. Who would look at this and call it organized? Anyways, here is a “concise” list of the influencers that have been in my mind lately:

Gary Vaynerchuk – So honest, so genuine, so inspirational.

Tal Gur – After reading his book, I actually hired Tal as my Life Coach for the year of 2019.

Mike Maloney – Because I love his analysis of the economy, and he explains difficult financial concepts in down-to-earth ways.

Michael A. Singer – I don’t know much about Michael, but I just started reading his book, The Surrender Experiment, and I’m very impressed.

[My 45-minute timer just ended.]

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