The Mexican Border
The Mexican Border

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How’s Mexico? pt. 2
How’s Mexico? pt. 2

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How’s Mexico? pt. 1
How’s Mexico? pt. 1

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002 How’s California?
002 How's California?

Chichén Itzá:
-Voted in 2007 as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World:

005 How much do my problems matter?

This is something I’ve wondered myself, and I know for sure it’s something that other people have wondered too. “Am I overreacting here, or is that like… the worst?”

Sometimes our problems feel like the most important thing in the universe, when in reality, the problems are so small, they’re inconsequential. In fact, most “problems” don’t exist – they’re just created in our mind. Consider the fact that nothing inherent in any situation is “problematic”; it’s our personal perceptionthat defines or characterizes something as a “problem.” Don’t believe me? Suppose I were to describe a situation that happened to someone. How would you be able to tell if there were a problem or not? What criteria would you use?

Now let’s suppose you could get an answer to the question of whether or not there’s a problem. Do you think everyone I ask would come up with the same answer to the same set of circumstances? If not, then problems are inherently subjective: that means problems are open to interpretation. In other words, we get to choose what constitutes a problem or not. I’ll say that again: we get to choose what constitutes a problem. Once you realize this, you can set yourself free of a lot of emotional baggage: baggage from the past, the present, and the future.

I’ll share with you two tricks for keeping my own sense of “problems” in check. The first has been shared by many people over the years, but I first remember hearing it from Joe Rogan. He said something to the effect of, “Whenever I find myself worrying too much, I try to remember that we’re all just a bunch of talking monkeys on a giant rock hurling through space.” I love that. It really puts things into perspective. But if that’s too “far out” for you, and you think, ‘yeah, but my life ismeaningful, and humanity isimportant,’ then try this second technique: it’s what I call the story-from-a-stranger technique. Whenever I have a problem in my own life, I try to imagine how strongly I would react to a stranger telling me about the same problem in his or her own life. For example, let’s suppose my car breaks down and needs $800 worth of repairs; that can be devastating to someone who hasn’t had a job (or any income) in the last 6 months (e.g. me), but rather than stress out about it, I would pretend a stranger is telling me theirstory, and I consider how strongly I would react to their“problems.”

The stranger says, “I haven’t worked in 6 months, and my car just broke down and will cost me $800 to fix it!” And I feel some sympathy for the person, because of course I don’t want anyone to suffer, but honestly, that doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. I have confidence that the person will recover from this minor setback, either through their own creativity and hard work, or through help from friends and family, or perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise and the person will come to realize that having a car was actually a shackle on their freedom, and living without a car is completely liberating. I have no idea what will happen. But honestly, I’m not going to lose sleep over a stranger’s broken car or financial setback. It’s unfortunate, but the “problem” is not really a problem. Therefore, I’m not going to lose sleep over my ownbroken car or my ownfinancial setback. If I care about my own situation more than I care about a stranger’s, then I’m letting my ego control me; a much healthier relationship is one in which I control my ego. And if the idea of “ego” is tricky for you to wrap your head around, just replace the word “ego” with “emotions” and you’ll get the general sense of it: If I care about my own situation more than I care about a stranger’s, then I’m letting my emotions control me; a much healthier relationship is one in which I control my emotions.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below! More to come soon.

004 Some of my influences

Honestly, this post could be about a thousand – no a million – lines long. At one point in the past, I decided to start writing down all the books and podcasts and youtube videos and lectures and courses and everything that I’ve read or watched or attended. After the list grows to about 20 things, I lose track of it and abandon the habit, and maybe some months or years later I start a new list with the same fate. Maybe this blog is a good way to finally start being organized? Ha. Who would look at this and call it organized? Anyways, here is a “concise” list of the influencers that have been in my mind lately:

Gary Vaynerchuk – So honest, so genuine, so inspirational.

Tal Gur – After reading his book, I actually hired Tal as my Life Coach for the year of 2019.

Mike Maloney – Because I love his analysis of the economy, and he explains difficult financial concepts in down-to-earth ways.

Michael A. Singer – I don’t know much about Michael, but I just started reading his book, The Surrender Experiment, and I’m very impressed.

[My 45-minute timer just ended.]

003 So what is this blog about?

Maybe I should give this blog some structure. Maybe I should try to teach people something specific. After all – that’s what I wanted, right? To be a teacher. To be a life coach. Maybe I should create a structured piece of content, and give it a catchy title, and find a way to promote it on social media. That’s what people are doing, right? That doesn’t feel like me. It never has. Maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking about a blog for 10 years and I didn’t actually start one until today. It just didn’t feel right. But today is feels right. Awkward, certainly, but like the right kind of awkward. The ‘awkward’ that is necessary. The little bit of fear that makes us do great things.

I keep thinking about Gary Vee: Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve been watching a lot of his content lately, and he keeps talking about how to create a personal brand for yourself. Well, he keeps talking about so many people trying to create a perfect thing, but they approach everything wrong. Jesus, the point here is that he says two things that just popped into my head: (1) don’t create content; just document what you’re doing. Document your journey. I can’t help but realize that that’s exactly what my problem was, and I just solved the problem of getting started by posting some crap that’s not real content– it’s just documentingmy thoughts. I didn’t really “get it” until now. That’s what he meant. The other thing he says often is (2) post 100 pieces of content per day. A hundred. A hundred. To me, that sounded crazy. The last time I posted any content on any social media was… maybe 6 months ago? And I post about one thing per month maximum. Now I’m writing my third piece of content in about 10 minutes. I wonder how many I can write today? A hundred seems crazy, but then again, a lot of things seem crazy.

002 What does it feel like to start a blog?

Wow. I just Published my first post. This feels amazing. Such a relief. Or am I just wanting it to feel good? Hahahahahaha no, it feels great. A weird sort of bliss actually. None of this is about me. There’s a great plan at work. I have no idea what it is, but I would love to know more. I guess all I can do it keep listening to what’s in front of me, what’s around me, and respond to what the universe wants. Maybe I just need to get the ball rolling, to build momentum – for my daily practice, and for this blog itself – and then something good will happen. Ha! Something good has already happened! I realized my fears are the signal for what I need to do. Run towardmy fears, not away from them. That’s how we grow, that’s how we mature. If we stay in our comfort zone, we can’t improve. We can’t find more. We can’t go beyond. We can’t transcendanything – our bodies, our minds, our current circumstances. When we let go – let go of our feelings, our judgments (of ourselves and others), our preferences, our likes and dislikes, our visions or beliefs about what the world is, or what the world should be, then anything is possible. Everythingis possible. And then the entire universe comes to us.

Ha. Or maybe I’m wrong? Well, what’s the worst that could happen? The upside is bliss, what some might say is heaven on earth. And the downside is… ??? …maybe a bit of judgment from others? Ma…maybe … …embarrassment? …maybe… …

I’m having a hard time coming up with the worst case scenario. I just keep getting this sense of bliss. My eyes are welling up with tears. I just want to let go completely and never grab hold again…

I’m thinking too much. If I keep thinking about this too much, I won’t publish; I’ll talk myself out of it. Let’s go. Time to submit Post #2.

001 Why I had to start a blog

45 minutes on the timer. Go.

[deep breath]

Where to begin? I’ll start by telling you that everything I’m writing is a thoughtthat I’m having. Everything contained in this post is a thoughtthat my awarenesshas captured. Everything here is the voice inside my head. Where do these thoughts come from? From myself? Or from somewhere else?

This morning I started reading a book called The Surrender Experiment, by Michael A. Singer. The book is about the awareness he had one day of the voice inside his head, and what he decided to do about it. To make a long story short, he started to ignore the voice in his head and focus on the needs and 

No, I’m trying too hard. Deep breath. What am I trying to say? Well, I don’t want to try, that’s the whole point…….

Who am I writing for? Myself? My friends? Family? My life coach? My girlfriend? Total strangers? Why am I sad?

What does the universe want from me right now?

Should I go back and try to explain what happened today?

That feels unauthentic. Why did it feel so good to imagine writing everything down later? Maybe that’s what the universe wanted from me right then.

 Maybe I should just publish this, nonsensical and incomplete randomness.

Hahahahahaha that’s exactly what I need to do! Get the garbage out of the way.

Everything is temporary.

None of this is about me.